Loans with service at home

Pożyczki z obsługą w domu na przykładzie firmy Bocian

There are a lot of loan companies in Poland that offer various forms of financing for their clients. In addition to loans chwilówek provided on-line available, we also have other types of cash loans, including installment. Also includes home loans, or home-loaned loans. To whom are they addressed, how much they cost and how can we get them?

Minimized formalities, no need to leave home, convenient amount of installments – these are the most important features of loans “with home delivery. Although on -line offers are currently dominating on the loan market, we can still encounter many loan companies operating just with access to the customer. These are both nationwide companies that have offices in each province, but also local companies that focus on specific areas.

How much money can we borrow?

Companies that provide home loans do not often indicate unambiguously how much we can borrow in them. The situation is similar with the company , which on its website indicates that it offers loans from 500 zlotys. There is no upper limit given, because the loan amount is each time determined with the client individually based on his creditworthiness. In this way, you can repay the debt most comfortably and without risk, because the installment will be matched to the borrower’s ability.

The loan repayment period is 25, 35, 44, 52 weeks, with new clients who take out a loan for the first time, they can pay it back only in 25 weeks, in about 6 months. Installments are paid every week, which is why the company gives the length of the loan period in weeks.

How to take a home loan?

In the case of the company, at the beginning we should contact the company. You can do it by phone, send an SMS or send an on-line inquiry. Then, the company’s field employee will come home at the appointed time and will be able to present the offer accurately and answer the customer’s questions.

The company requires clients to provide proof of identity and permanent residence, as well as a permanent source of income, for example, for work, pension and retirement. You can get a loan when you are listed as a debtor . A company employee then evaluates the client’s creditworthiness on their own and prepares a decision based on it. We can receive money as a cash or pre-paid card. Repayment takes place at home, to the adviser’s hands.