Loans for University Students: how to get them?

Loans for university students are special forms of funding that are aimed at all young people who are following a university or post-graduate study course, and who wish to have a sum of money with which they can fulfill some of their needs of character mainly training.

This is a “particular” form of financing , often called “honor”, considering that the criterion on which these credits are granted will not be mainly linked to the possibility of being able to rely on traditional creditworthiness requirements, but on the possibility of to be able to create a sort of “bet” on the future of the young person, who will be able to repay the debt only at the end of his studies, when – hopefully – he has found a useful job to generate the income necessary to meet the installments depreciation.


Where to find loans for university students

Where to find loans for university students

With the characteristics that we have briefly summarized above, loans for university students can only represent a particularity within the credit market, so much so that they are more “rare” than traditional forms of personal loans.

In any case, the above must not let you understand that the loans for university students can not be found well in the main banks present in Italy, which generally have a range of loans and current account products suitable for their customers. young, and within which you will probably find all the relevant information.

Please also bear in mind the fact that often many useful information can be found in the same Universities, which make partnerships and partnerships with credit institutions in order to facilitate this form of funding among their students.

Benefits of student loans

At this point, read the foregoing, it should be pretty clear to understand what are the main points the advantage of loans for college students. The main and well-shared benefit is obviously linked to the possibility of getting hold of a sum of money without having the traditional reference requirements (a salary, etc.).

Another benefit is linked to the possibility of postponing the start of the amortization plan: the repayment of the installments with the principal will start only in a second moment, generally coinciding with the end of the ordinary study plan. Given the variability of the characteristics that could affect this form of financing, we advise you to discuss it with your reference bank.