How to get a quick loan with defaulters list?

Getting a quick loan with defaulters list is sometimes complex.

Getting a quick loan with defaulters list is sometimes complex.

To be included in a file of defaulters, you must have reached the fourth month without paying a certain creditor, regardless of whether you are a natural or legal person.

When this happens, often the affected ones do not even know that they have been included, although the law establishes that the affected person must be informed within a period not exceeding 30 days , said notification sometimes goes astray or reaches erroneous addresses. But when notified, one of the main negative consequences for debtors will occur when trying to obtain some type of credit.

Unfortunately, most traditional financial institutions do not accept credit requests if the person or company is part of a file of defaulters . In this way, if your name appears in defaulters list, you will not be able to obtain loans or credits from banks or contract basic services (electricity or water), even if you integrate a list of debtors by mistake.

Despite the above, if you require a loan and you have been enrolled in a file of defaulters, there is the possibility of hiring online credits that allow access to the loans immediately and get the money in the current account without filling out paperwork or submitting large amounts of documentation, even integrating lists such as those of defaulters list . In addition to getting financing in this way, it is best to try to get out of all your current debts before contracting new ones.

How to get out of a file of defaulters?

Although it sounds obvious, the main thing to avoid falling into these lists – and get more money for your loan – is to pay your debts on time. However, if you are already in one, there are three conditions that tie you to it:

– There must be a certain due, unpaid and current debt.

– There must be no response to the requirement of payment by the creditor.

– The absence of tangible proof (document) that leaves the previous points without validity.


If any of these points is not met, you can appeal to the deletion of your name from a file of defaulters with the respective company. After presenting the corresponding documentation, within 10 days the situation should have been resolved, ensuring your solvency before financial institutions.